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Ozone Water Treatment:

Ozone is quickly becoming the oxidant of choice for water treatment.  See how ozone can improve your water quality and increase your profits.  


bulletmost powerful oxidizer available
bulletinstantly destroys bacteria
bulletimproves flocculation of iron
bulletenvironmentally friendly
bullet3,125x more germicidal than chlorine
bulletbeen used for decades
bulletno harmful by-products
bulletreduces sulfur odors


Why choose Ozone Solutions for your project needs?

Ozone Solutions is one of the few companies dedicated to providing quality ozone equipment with comprehensive service. We understand the value of using ozone in the water to destroy pathogens and significantly improve water quality.  We strive to help you accomplish your goals within your timeline and budget.  After the sale, we continue to provide superior service ensuring long equipment life and high quality produce.

Advantages of our equipment and services:

Warranty – Ozone Solutions is confident in the quality of construction that we put a two-year warranty on all ozone equipment – This is double the competition.

Component Integration – Ozone Solutions pre-assembles equipment before shipment resulting in a quick and simple on-site installation.  You receive and assemble two or three components with minimum assembly time. 

Quality Equipment Representation – Ozone Solutions carries quality products from many manufacturers.  This ensures the right components for your installation resulting in optimum performance and reliability.

Instant Component Replacement – Should you choose to select our “Reserve Program”, we will send you new equipment before you send the other back, if problems arise.  This ensures your client remains operational at design capacity.  No other company offers this service.

Ozonated Water Control Loop (77-kB)

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Technical Documents

Advanced Ozone Water Treatment Study - Japan (PDF - 140K)

Ann Arbor, MI Water Treatment Plant Study

Clean in Place Ozone System (PDF - 204K)

Ozone and Bottled Water

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Ozone water treatment

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