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OMZ-5000-HFT Ozone Generator Rental

OMZ-5000-HFT (high resolution image)

Our 2nd most powerful rental unit!  Set this high output ozone generator in the house and turn on for instant ozone.  Powerful 5,000 mg/hr output!  Remove odors and smoke from carpets, furniture, and musty basements.  Our most popular unit for shock treatment!



powerful 5,000-mg/hr ozone output


rheostat for full ozone control


integrated 12-hour timer - unit can be set continuously ON


100-CFM high-flow fan evenly distributes ozone


plugs into common wall outlet


100 Watts power consumption


ready to use upon arrival


11-lb weight – lift handle for easy placement 

Common Q & A about Renting 

  Guaranteed to completely destroy smoke odors within 7 days, or your money back!!

We ship anywhere!  Units currently in stock.


Dear Scott,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how satisfied I have been using the ozone machines.

I have been able to remove the smoke smell caused by the fire in my home from many objects. The list includes fabric items, upholstered furniture, wooden tables and chairs, books, boxes of paperwork and stored items, albums of pictures, etc.

Per your recommendation a dehumidifier was included in the process. In most cases the smell was gone within two to four days of treatment. If not, I merely subjected the item to more ozone treatment until the smoke smell was gone.

I plan to use the ozone machine to remove the smoke smell from the inside of the remaining house once the house is free from burned debris, soot, etc.

Thank you for your continued help and assistance with my smoke removal project.

P. Leukhardt
Ashfield, MA

← 12-hr Timer & variable Control (click for high resolution image)

What happens inside an OMZ-5000-HFT?
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Ozone Generators can these Odors
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OMZ-5000-HFT Can Remove Odors from...
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