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Rent Ozone Generator

OMZ-3400 Rental


Set this powerful ozone generator on the ground and turn on for instant ozone.  Remove odors and smoke from carpets, furniture, wood floors and musty basements.  Put the fresh mountain air back in your home!



powerful 3,400-mg/hr ozone output


rheostat for full ozone control


integrated fan evenly distributes ozone


plugs into common wall outlet


60 Watts power consumption


ready to use upon arrival


7.5-lb weight – lift handle for easy placement 

Common Questions & Answers about Rent Ozone Generator

Guaranteed to completely remove smoke odors within 7-days, or your money back!!

We ship anywhere!  Units currently in stock.

Our whole house smelled horrible from a kitchen fire. We sprayed, vacuumed, aired it out, and nothing worked. "Professional" cleaners said it would be expensive. One day of ozone generation from ozone solutions and all odor is gone and my house smells better than ever. Additionally, the staff at Ozone Solutions was extremely responsive, patient, and thorough in explaining how this would work. Thanks for your great product and service.

Tom S.
Lexington, SC 

"The smoke smell is completely gone in just a week, and renting the machine was much more reasonable than the reclamation service in the Yellow Pages, who wanted to fog with a chemical.  The house was occupied by smokers for 4 years, and, although we washed walls, repainted, had the carpet professionally cleaned, and aired it out for a month, the first thing prospective renters noticed when they walked in was the smell of stale cigarette smoke.  I am so glad that I found your website!"

Sharon Winter
Wheat Ridge, CO

← Click to see descriptions of each OMZ-3400 component.

← Click to see descriptions of each OMZ-3400 component.

Cost: for two days, or for seven days - rental period starts when unit arrives at your door.
            Client is responsible for shipping costs both ways (est. each way).


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We also have the OMZ-3400 for purchase!

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