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Key Features
bulletmost powerful ozone generator per volume of space
bullethigh ozone output (up to 32-gm/hr on O2)
bulletno minimum air flow requirement for cooling
bulletCSA certified
bulletsimple operation
bulletone year warranty

High-Output OSR Ozone Generator

SR-8 - Corona Discharge Ozone Generator - 4 gm/hr on air, 8 gm/hr on O2
SR-16 - Corona Discharge Ozone Generator - 8 gm/hr on air, 16 gm/hr on O2
SR-32 - High Output Corona Discharge Ozone Generator - 16 gm/hr on air, 32 gm/hr on O2

Great for chemical synthesis due to high ozone concentration outputs.

HC-30 Ozone Generator

Ultra High Output
- 1-12% ozone
- air cooled
- 30 gm/hr
- 60 gm/hr units available

Ten SR Series ozone generators - Just stack these units on top of each other when more ozone is needed.


The largest selection of ozone equipment on the web.
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