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Ozone Accessories

Ozone Solutions carries all ancillary process equipment for ozone applications.

bulletpressure gauge guards
bulletair vents
bulletcheck valves
bulletrelief valves
bulletcoalescing filters

Ozone Compatible Pressure Relief Valve

These diaphragm pressure relief valves are designed to enhance the performance of ozone systems by diverting the flow at a pressure you set, while also acting as an anti-siphon valve.

Robust construction ensures reliability in the rigorous service of municipal and industrial applications.

PRV-025-S – stainless steel ozone compatible pressure relief valve with ¼” FPT ports

Exploded view of PRT-025-S


bulletAll SS, Teflon and EPDM wetted parts
bulletHigh Reliability
bulletAvailable in 1/4" or 1/2" sizes (inlet, outlet and vent port)
bulletCompact Size for OEM Applications
bulletAdjustable 10 - 150 PSI
bulletAnti-Siphon Function
bulletRobust, Machined Construction
bulletVulcanized PTFE/EPDM Diaphragm


Ozone Compatible Pressure Regulator


bullet316 SS Body
bulletInconel x750 diaphragm
bulletPTFE seats
bulletcompletely ozone compatible
bulletUp to 500-PSI pressure rating
bullet0-120 PSI pressure regualtion
bullet1/4" Inlet and outlet
bulletViton o-ring

Pressure Gauge Guard

Protect your gauges from ozone and other corrosive gases!


bulletKynar (PVDF) Body
bulletTeflon Diaphragm
bullet1/2" FPT process connection
bullet1/4" FPT gauge connection
bulletoptional liquid filled SS pressure gauge installed (0-30, 0-60, 0-100-PSI)

Price:    ( extra for installed gauge)

Ozone Compatible Air Vent

AVO3 Air Vent

Key Features
bulletdesigned specifically for ozone gas
bulletsee through bowl for easy inspection
bulletquick installation
bullet3/4" process connection - 1/2" outlet connection
bulletstainless steel valve and spring - Viton o-rings - polysulfone body
bullet150 PSI operating pressure
bullet6" high x 3.5" diameter

See it in use on a U-tube
at a fish farm.

Air vent product specs


Ozone Compatible Coalescing Filter

Remove liquid water & water vapor with this corrosive gas coalescing filter.


Key Features & Specs
bulletdesigned specifically for ozone gas - (316 SS, Borosilicate glass, Teflon & Viton wetted parts)
bullet0.1 micrometer Teflon filtration - 95% efficiency
bulletsee through glass bowl for easy inspection
bullet1/8" inlet/outlet - 1/8" FPT drain
bullet30 PSIG operating pressure
bulletmounting bracket included
bullet4.5" high x 2.75" diameter

Product Specs (PDF 351-kb)

FF250 Exploded View

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