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Use this powerful portable ozone generator to quickly destroy smoke and odors.  Just set on floor and let run overnight.  Perfect for flood restoration, fire restoration or any large building with high odor problems.  Works within minutes!

PRO 5000 ozone generator

bullet5,000-mg/hr output
bulletsimple operation
bullet adjustable output
bulletfour year warranty
bulletlow maintenance
bullethigh flow 105 CFM fan!
bulletdestroys odors permanently!

Toll Free: (888) 892-0303


Generation method: Corona discharge
Supply Gas: Ambient air
Max. ozone output: 5,000 mg/hr
Controls: On/Off rocker switch. Fully variable output control
Dimensions: 21"L x 5"W x 6.25"H
Weight: 8.5 lb
Electrical: 120V/60Hz, 100 Watt - 220V/50Hz available
Fan Size: 105 CFM
304 stainless steel inner chassis with a high impact extruded PVC cabinet. Corona Plates are made of 316L stainless steel (highest grade) & Muscovite semi-flexible mica (excellent handling properties).
Maintenance: Under normal 24 hr/day use the OMZ-5000-HF ozone generator should be cleaned every 4 to 8 weeks using dish soap, water and a tooth brush. Cleaning frequency is highly dependant on the humidity level of the air that the ozone generator receives.
Warranty: Four years (more)

Advantages of OMZ Ozone Generators

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Toll Free: (888) 892-0303

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