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Air Purifier Rental Application

A house on Long Island New York was undergoing mold remediation.  A worker mixed two chemicals & applied them onto a wall.  The chemicals that should have been applied separately.  A new gas resulted from the mixture and infiltrated the entire home with a chemical base odor.  [The owner of the house was on the team of scientists that invented the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine (NMRI) used in hospitals all over the world.]

Ozone Solutions was called upon to quickly provide ozone generating equipment.  [An XT-6000 was currently being used but was not powerful enough to oxidize the odors adequately.]  To effectively shock treat the house, they purchased the following:

OMZ-5000-HFT   x4

OMZ-10G-HFT   x2

OMC-1108  Ozone Monitor  x1

The equipment was shipped overnight and started the next day.

Click the images below to see the house and ozone equipment in use.

They set up a containment area with plastic in the worst room to oxidize the odors then moved the ozone equipment to adjacent rooms.

The ozone oxidizes odors in cracks & crevasses that cannot be reached by traditional cleaning methods.  It quickly oxidizes them onsite so owners can back to their normal lifestyle!

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