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Ozone Injectors / Ozone Venturis

These injector manifolds are ideal for transferring ozone into solutions. Check valves and vacuum breaks available for backflow prevention devices. A vacuum break provides a positive atmospheric break between the ozone injector and the ozone generator, which will prevent the flow of water to the ozone generator should the ozone injector check valve fail.  These units are the standard when it comes to ozone injectors and ozone injection.


Key Features:

bulletup to 98% mass transfer
bulletcheck valves included on sizes up to 1.5" MPT
bulletKynar, virgin Kynar & Polypropylene available
bulletcan include an optional bypass
bulletno moving parts
bulletflow ranges of 1/2 GPM (2 lpm) to 4,000 GPM (15 m3/hr) available
bulletproven performance

See how gas is transferred into solution.

Click here for an explanation on how to read injector charts.

Injectors produce thousands of tiny bubbles via a violent shearing action greatly increasing the surface area of oxygen, or ozone, in contact with the water.  (Two small bubbles have greater surface are than one large bubble of the same volume.)  This results in a very high mass transfer rate.

Quick Fact:  As bubble size is reduced by 1/2, the surface area is increased by a factor of 4. Therefore if bubble size is reduced from 1/4 " (course bubble) to 1/16" (fine bubble), surface area is increased by a factor of 16.

Several sizes available.  Most items in stock.

All you need to tell us is:

bulletthe quantity of gas you need to inject
bulletthe pump pressure & GPM
bulletthe size is your pipe

Check out or miniature ozone injection system.

Contact us for more information.


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