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Ozone Properties

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Ozone Levels Chart (118K)

Corona Discharge vs. UV

Odor Destruction with Ozone

Ozone Formation via Corona Discharge

Venturi Injectors vs. Bubble Diffusers

How to read injector charts

What a static mixer can do for you?

Ozone Creation Video (1.4 Mb - mov)

How ozone protects us from UV rays video (1.56 Mb - mov)

What is ORP?

Importance of Dry Air for Ozone Generation

Oxidation Potential

Ozone Conversions

How ozone destroys bacteria

Bacteria and Viruses Destroyed by Ozone

Advantages of Ozone

Extensive list of ozone compatible materials - wet and dry ozone
PDF (967kb)

Fitting Resistance Chart

Ozone vs. Chlorine

Disinfection Kinetics

Ozone and Hydrogen Sulfide
Ozone Production in Nature (PDF - 711 kB)

Ozone Timeline

Ozone Algae

Ozone Color Removal

Summary of Ozone and its Uses - lists of molds, viruses and bacteria destroyed by ozone

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