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Effect of Ozone on Bacteria

1 - Computer generated image of a bacteria cell

2 - Close-up of ozone molecule coming into contact with bacterial wall

3 - Ozone penetrating and creating hole in bacterial wall

4 - Close-up effect of ozone on cell wall

5 - Bacterial cell after a few ozone molecules come into contact

6 - Destruction of cell after ozone (cell lysing)

As a comparison based on 99.99% of bacterial concentration being killed and time taken:  Ozone is 

25 times of that of  HOCl  (Hypochlorous Acid)

2,500 times of that of  OCl  (Hypochlorite)

5,000 times of that of  NH2Cl  (Chloramine).

Further more, ozone is at least 10 times stronger than chlorine as a disinfectant.  Chlorine reacts with meat forming highly toxic and carcinogen compounds called THMs or tri-halomethanes - rendering meats lesser quality products.  THMs was also implicated as carcinogens in developing kidney, bladder, and colon cancers.  Chlorine also results in the production of chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, chloromethane besides THMs.  On the other hand, ozone does not even leave any trace of residual product upon its oxidative reaction.


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