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Groundwater Remediation with Ozone

Use Ozone to instantly destroy contaminants!

Key Ozone Features
bullet12 times more soluble than oxygen in water
bulletMoves easily through the soil
bulletProduced on-site, no need for hazardous chemical transportation or storage
bulletMost powerful oxidizer available
bulletComplex organics break down to carbon dioxide or less toxic molecules
bulletBreaks down to oxygen which increases DO levels

    Types of Remediation Systems

Ozone Groundwater Remediation Trailer

Trailer-Mount Systems

Ozone Groundwater Remediation Cabinet
Cabinet Systems

Custom Ozone Injection Skids
Turnkey Custom Ozone Skids

Rental Ozone Systems for Groundwater Remediation
Ozone System Rentals

    Contaminants Destroyed by Ozone

bulletDiesel Fuel
bulletChlorinated Solvents
bulletAliphatic & Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons


MTBE Reduction Chart Using Ozone

Ozone Generation/Air Sparging Setup

Introduction to Groundwater Remediation using Ozone (PDF Document - 71kB)

Ozone Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater - French Study

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