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Ozone and Grain Treatment

  Key Ozone Features:
bulletdestroys aflatoxins
bulletacts as a fumigant and insecticide
bulletstops mold growth
bulleteasy integration
bulletenvironmentally friendly
bulletgenerated on-site - no stored chemicals
bulletdoes not damage the product

Research Supporting Ozone Use in Grain Storage:

Efficacy and fumigation characteristics of ozone in stored maize.  Kells, S.A., Mason, L.J., Maier, D.E., and Woloshuk, C.P. 2001.  Journal of Stored Products Research. 37(4):371-382. Purdue ARP No. 16278. [abstract]

Penetration of ozone into columns of stored grains and effects on chemical composition and processing performance.  Mendez, F., Maier, D.E., Mason, L.J., and Woloshuk, C.P. 2003.  Journal of Stored Products Research. 39(1):33-44. Purdue ARP No. 16636. [abstract]

Aflatoxicosis in Turkey Poults is Prevented by Treatment of Naturally Contaminated Corn with Ozone Generated by Electrolysis

Ozone Solutions provides a turnkey ozone generation system with quick and simple integration into your storage bin ventilation. Ozone is a powerful oxidant, yet we ensure that existing equipment is not damaged.  Results are reduced mold, reduced toxins and improved product quality upon unloading.


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