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Ozone and Food Processing

Use ozone to disinfect stored food for unprecedented pathogen destruction.
Turnkey systems allow easy ozone integration.

Key Features of Ozone:

bulletthe most powerful oxidizer available
bulletenvironmentally friendly
bulletno chemical storage required
bullet3000 times more germicidal than chlorine
bulletinstant pathogen destruction
bulletno harmful chemical residual

Ozone Use in Apple Processing  (PDF - 127 Kb)

Ozone & Ecoli Bacteria Technical Article [you will be taken to a newly updated site www.ozonesolutions.com ]

Antimicrobial Efficacies of Ozone on Bacteria for Porcine Intestines  [you will be taken to a newly updated site www.ozonesolutions.com ]

Ozone in Food Processing Applications:  Past Experience, Future Potential and Regulatory Issues

Ozone in the Food Industry

See our food processing product line (you will be taken to our new site)

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