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Food Preservation with Ozone

Ozone can reduce contamination on food and increase storage life.  The age-enhancing hormone ethylene is instantly destroyed.  This reduces spoiling and keeps the food looking fresh.

Ozone Advantages
bulletmost powerful oxidizer available
bulletinstantly destroys microbes
bulleteliminates chemical storage
bulletenvironmentally friendly
bulletstops mold spores
bulletdoes not affect product taste
bulletno harmful by-products
bulletcan be used in air and water

Ozone in the Food Industry  

Ozone and Fish Preservation

Ozone and Meat Preservation

Ozone and Poultry

Microbe Destruction on Meat

 Effect of ozone on meat carcasses

Ozone and Ham PDF File (43kb)

Ozone kills e-coli/e coli on contact

Ozone can be used in water and air to reduce bacteria levels in excess of 2-log reduction.


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