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Valadco - Renville, MN

Valadco is a hog farm that was out of compliance with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  They were exceeding the hydrogen sulfide allowance several times a year.  They are now using ozone to oxidize hydrogen sulfide evaporating from their lagoon.

Lagoon Cover  
lagooncover2sm.jpg (4028 bytes) lagooncoversm.jpg (12686 bytes)
Mixing Chamber Construction
mixingchamberfarsm.jpg (3204 bytes) mixingchamberfrontsm.jpg (4365 bytes) mixingchambersm.jpg (5059 bytes)
Finished System
exhaust stacks horizontalsm.jpg (10909 bytes) exhaust stackssm.jpg (10293 bytes)
Ozone Generator os30insidesm.jpg (4654 bytes)


MSU Study of Ozonating Swine Manure


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