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Metz Farms Ozone Installation

10,000-head hog facility in St. Marie de Kent, New Brunswick Canada. 15 ozonated rooms

Metz Farms had odors that could be detected 6 km away.  The odor emissions were significantly reduced with ozone and workers enjoyed a better environment.

Click here for their testimonial PDF Format-82kB

"Your claims of 75%+ odor reduction from barn air emissions was certainly not an exaggeration...problem solved." - Hans Kristensen - Metz Farms Manager

Metz Farms, New Brunswick Canada
10,000-head finishing hog facility.  Front view
Finisher rear view (110,000 sq ft. - 2.5 acres).
Finisher side view
10 Hp compressor - right
60 gallon air storage tank - left
175-SCFH Oxygen Concentrator
60 gallon oxygen storage tank - 95% concentration output
Ten 16-gram/hr ozone generators.  Each generator controls ozone output to a different room.
Close-up view of Ozone Generator.  Rheostat controls ozone level in each room (0-100% control).
Oxygen manifold
Oxygen manifold (yellow) and ozone sensor (grey box).  Sensor detects leaking ozone sending signal to main office.
Ozone sensor display module located in office.  Sensor alerts personnel to leaking ozone and will shut off generator if ozone level gets too high.
Flowmeters (black) controlling ozone to each distribution system.  Two distribution systems/room.


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