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Genencor (Enzyme Bio Systems) of Beloit, WI 

Contacted Ozone Solutions to reduce the odors emanating from their pre-treatment facility.  Odors were coming from four areas: Control Room, Concentrate Storage Facility, Clarifier and "Big Blue" Facility.

enzyme plant.jpg (88604 bytes)

Odors were reduced in each of the following areas:

Control Room:

The control room had odors emanating from multiple points.  A distribution system was used to spread ozone throughout the entire room.  Ozone levels are kept below OSHA standards of 0.10-PPM.

Concentrate Storage Facility:

This facility (silver building on left picture) sent its odors to an odor scrubber.  The carbon scrubber was overloaded so ozone was injected prior to the scrubber to reduce the H2S loading.


The clarifier (blue facility) had multiple emission points from a poorly sealed roof.  A vacuum was applied to the clarifier to bring the odors to a single point source.  The odors were channeled with ozone into a chamber for destruction.

Big Blue Facility:

The Big Blue facility has three large open-top tanks that emitted odors.  Ozone was distributed to each of the three tanks with flowmeters and blown over the tank liquid surface with fans.  An ozone sensor alerts personnel to high ozone levels (above 0.10-PPM) before entering.

Ozone Generators

generator location.jpg (47659 bytes)

A 30-gram/hr and 16-gram/hr ozone generator supply ozone to each of the four areas.  Ozone rate adjustment to each of four areas is accomplished with rheostats on the ozone generators.


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