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Chemical Synthesis with Ozone
Key Features
bulletmost powerful ozone generator per volume of space
bullethigh ozone concentrations (up to 14% ozone by wt.)
bulletno minimum air flow requirement for cooling
bulletutilize oxygen or dry air feed gas
bulletCSA certified
bulletsimple operation
bullettwo-year warranty

Document Contains
- Electrophilic & Nucleophilic reactions
- Dipolar cyclo addition of ozone on unsaturated bonds
- Ozonation of aromatics
- ozone decomposition mechanism
- ozone absorption with chemical reactions

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High-Concentration Ozone Generator - up to 7% by wt.

TG-10 - 10 gm/hr on O2
TG-20 - 20 gm/hr on O2
TG-40 - 40 gm/hr on O2

Check out our New Ultra-High Concentration Ozone Generator for Chemical Synthesis Applications. UP TO 14% by wt. concentration

Great for chemical synthesis due to high ozone concentration outputs.

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