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Ozone and Aquaculture  

Ozone Advantages
bulletimprove water quality
bulletfaster growth rates
bulletdecrease deathloss
bulletsafe for fish
bulletincreases DO levels
bulletdestroys organics

Ozonation of a recirculation rainbow trout culture system.  Effects on microscreen filtration and water quality - Steven J. Summerfelt, Joseph A. Hankins, Amy L. Weber, Martin D. Durant

Ozonation of a recirculating rainbow trout culture system. Effects on bacterial gill disease and heterotrophic bacteria - Graham L. Bullock E, Steven T. Summerfelt, Alicia C, Noble, Amy L. Weber, Martin D. Durant, Joseph A. Hankins

Ozone Results at Fingerlakes Aquaculture - Groton, NY  (External link)

Ozone Solutions was asked to design a system to incorporate ozone into a Talapia fish farm.  Ozone was injected into two U-tubes and distributed to eight fingerling tanks to improve water quality.

MinAqua Fish Farm - raise 1.7 million lbs of Talapia per year.  Fish are sold live to markets across the US and Canada.
Shed for protecting ozone generator
Ozone Generator with ozone sensor and exhaust fan.  Ozone generator creates 24-lb/day of ozone.  Exhaust fan starts upon detection of leaking ozone.  Grey box is a transformer for ozone generator.
Empty fingerling tank (3,500-4,000 gallons).  Each can hold up to 90,000 fingerlings.  A total of eight tanks were supplied with ozone.
U-tube set-up along with ozone injection apparatus.  Two U-tubes shown.  One U-tube supplies water, oxygen and ozone for four tanks.
Control panel for balancing ozone to each U-tube.  Panel contains flowmeters, pressure gauge and dump valve.
Ozone injection into U-tube.  Ozone Compatible line ensures long life.  Check valve ensures no water enters line when ozone production is terminated.
Ozone and oxygen recovery system. Gases are vented from top of U-tube and injected into water stream with a venturi.
Ozone display with two alarm set-points.  The first set-point is at 0.25-PPM and triggers an intermittent alarm.  The second set-point is at 0.50-PPM and turns on the fan in the shed to remove ozone before personnel entry.  Sensor display is located in a high traffic area.
Talapia Information

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