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About Ozone Solutions, Inc.


Mission Statement

Our Goal:
We provide agricultural, food processing and waste treatment facilities with innovative solutions to odor and water quality problems. Ozone Solutions desires to improve your production efficiency, air quality, employee health and neighbor relations. We strive to demonstrate our excellence and leadership through your satisfaction.

The Issue:
Odors and water contamination have become a serious point of contention among communities and city officials. This is as a result of population expansion, concerns about health and tougher environmental laws. Consequently, this could impede or stop your operation or expansion.

For over eight years, Ozone Solutions in conjunction with Michigan State University has been devoted to designing a reliable and innovative system to assist businesses solve odor and waste treatment problems.  Ozone is the logical alternative, if not the best, for odor control and water treatment. We design and integrate turnkey systems that require very little maintenance.

Ozone is an unstable form of oxygen which consist of 3 oxygen atoms (O3). It reacts with other gases changing their chemical structure. As ozone oxidizes/disinfects, it destroys odor-causing and toxic gases, and then reverts to normal oxygen.

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